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A true union of form and function, the Vanquish SS features Ergonomic Styling (ERGO-S) to provide a grip via integrated control sections as a stylized portion of the body itself. The result is a "Forward Control" section of recessed knurling to give the player thumb grip on the body and reduce shot to shot variance and the rear section provides a recessed body contoured "Snatch grip" without the traditional method of extending a portion of the frame.

The platform also features significant weight reduction over the stock Vanquish 2.0 body, eliminating virtually all unneeded material yet further pronouncing trademark lines of the past and present models of the marker.

At the heart of Vanquish SS is the high performance V16 drivetrain, tuned to precision in house utilizing our XCII electronic/mechanical refinement methods.

The launch offering of the Vanquish SS will feature 3 Private Label options in different color and milling schemes...

Featuring exclusive colorways and 3D contoured and body line matched "ultra fine" twister milling. The spirit and techniques of the iconic TWSTR brand have arrived to elevate the Vanquish platform to the next level of performance and style.

The celebration of over a decade of domination, the Infamous Vanquish SS features a recessed milled offset color stamp logo, celebrating one of the sport's greatest and most dominant teams.

Plum Life
The weapon of choice of pro player Damian Ryan, The Plum Life Vanquish SS features a recessed milled offset logo.


Further pushing the Vanquish Platform to the razor's edge of weight reduction, each body hand crafted and refined beyond the standard SS cuts.

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